28 June 2012


After years of Graphic Design and mom'n it up, I welcomed the opportunity to try something different when my sister-in-law and her husband asked me to help them with the interior of their new home. At first, I was all, "Are you sure? I don't know what I'm doing. I've never done that." But I am LOVING this experience. They're dream clients, and that helps.

I approached this project much the same way I start any design problem that needs to be solved; with research and of course, style boards. So many friends have wanted to see what their home looks like. Showing a few of the style boards may offers a small taste.

We started with painting, wallpaper and some minor home upgrades in February. Now, in late June, we're wrapping up much of the major furniture, decor and lighting purchases.

There are three levels; four bedrooms, six bathrooms, two offices, two family rooms, a formal living room and piano room, a kitchen, dining, sunroom, game room and music room. There's a lovely pool with a patio, pool house and tea room. It's such a beautiful home with good solid Arts & Crafts bones.

Originally, it started out with a variety of bold, unappealing wall colors (peach, orangish brown, blue, green) There was nothing subtle about the paint choices. We brought it all down to a more even and natural place. Overall I hoped it would feel like an old love letter written in script on weathered, lined paper... something to be read in a quiet place.

I wanted the formal living room to feel like a basket of fresh eggs. The Master Bedroom needed to feel warm and textural. I wanted their kids rooms to be fun, colorful and appreciated by kids and adults. I hoped their family room would feel like the most livable area with a comfortable, industrial mix. Overall, the style needed to combine Victorian  romance with Industrial colors and materials offering a quiet marriage of masculine and feminine. They're happy with their home and I actually want to move in.

There were a few blogs (Here, here. and here.) that I found particularly inspiring as we brought it all together incorporating their existing furniture, paintings and decor with the new.


  1. You are genius. You were born to be a designer, in whatever form the challenge calls for. I love your talent. Please help me with my house when I find something a little more permanent.

    1. Thanks for your huge support, Shayna. I think you're my biggest fan. I love to hear your comments. And yes, when you land semi-permanently, I would be honored to help out. I say help because after all, you're an amazing designer yourself. I know you have a vision of your future home that is just itching to be planted.