25 April 2016


Several months ago, I walked through a house that was WAY out of our budget (not that we are even looking, BTW) and fell in love instantly. I could picture my family in it as I meandered through the rooms with original built-in cabinets and wood doors. It sold in a flash and was most certainly set up for a bidding war. It was a beautiful house, aching to be a home again. Lots of oohs and aahs were happening in my head as I pictured how to update the kitchen to my liking and arrange our belongings within its space.

The thing about this house that got me right off was the front door knob. It was like a brass peacock feather and perfect in every way. I loved how it prepared the way and described what was to come.

Now that the reality of owning that house is long gone, I still dream about the knob. I know, I may need some therapy, but I kind of think I'm perfectly normal in this instance. It was a knob worthy of desire and even though it gave me intense house envy in the moment, I walked away thinking about how I could recreate that subtlety of character at the entrance of our home.

I had long wanted to update our entry interior and had been working on that bit by bit with a little wallpaper, rug tiles, and a lovely mirror. But extending that update to the other side of the door captures a love of our home from every angle.

One thing we've always done is drive away, or drive home and say to our kids, "bye bye sweet little home." or "we're home to our sweet home, kids" and they always agree. They can feel that we love our home and so they do too. They feel that home is a place that is safe and ours because we reinforce our love for it often.

It may seem a little silly to love a knob so, so much, but it conjured up some good thoughts and feelings that are worth holding onto.

It may take some time to find a knob that is just right.. and it may take double time to convince my husband that this is an item to be added to the house list, but below are a few that I found promising.

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