30 April 2015


Once Upon a Time... I had a lovely job at a small studio called Axiom. I met my husband there. I met the best boss in the world there. I met lots of fabulously talented people there. I made wonderful friends there. We were like a little family.

When one of them started her own company, I was excited to help in any way possible. She needed a logo, she needed packaging.

Those things, I can do.

Little J Headbands are so versatile. They work with both short and long hair. The scarf is quite cozy, and there's no need to take it off after you take off your coat... it becomes part of your outfit. Super!

Packaged in a clear box with a blind embossed kraft lid and. Logo and directions in black. The boxes stack on the shelf and have been selling like hot little cakes! Yay for LittleJ!!!

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