02 January 2015


Well, we're running on empty over here... out of things to do in this 7˚ weather. Too cold for making snowmen or sledding... well, let me take that back, we could do it, but it would last all of 12 minutes. Too much effort for the likes of me.

Running out of crafts to do too. Here's one to share in case anyone out there is feeling the winter blues like we do. Oh fret, we're only in January, we're in trouble!

Toilet Paper Rolls
Paint & Brush - White or Frosty Silvery White
Construction Paper - Red. Orange. Black
Fringe Scissors (not necessary, but certainly fun)
Black Sharpie
Greenery (a small sprig from a garland or the tree is all that is needed)
Hot Glue Gun

1. Paint the toilet paper roll and let dry.
2. Cut two black circles, one slightly larger than the toilet paper roll diameter. The second the same size as the toilet paper roll diameter. Then cut a black strip about 1"x5".
3. Cut a small orange carrot nose
4. Cut a red strip and some fringe for the scarf.
5. When the paint is dry draw on a face. Of course, construction paper eyes, and mouth would be great too.
6. Glue the black strip into a tube that is the same diameter as the smaller black circle. Glue the smaller black circle to the top and the larger to the bottom. Glue that to the top of the snowman.
7. Glue the scarf around the neck and add fringe.
8. Glue a bit of green fir to the top hat and add some small red berries.
9. Glue on the orange carrot nose (my kids opted for no nose).

You can make a whole snowman family if you'd like. And you can make Santa too!

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