14 March 2014


Some days, being a mom makes me want to scratch my eyeballs out. Other days are filled with beautiful, lovely, shining, memory making moments.

Today is one of those eyeball-scratching-out-days. A day where bad decisions are made and wood floors are ruined. And then more bad decisions are made. And we spiral into a pit of despair that seems to never end.

On these days, I find that I need a small break in a room alone without anyone asking for sippies or a snack. A moment when I'm not cleaning up pee puddles (as if I own a dog). A moment when kids aren't giddily destroying the house. A moment without complaints or whining. A moment without blaming.

A while back my girlfriend emailed some inspiring thoughts that brought me much needed comfort today (Thank you Tia!). And I have to breathe deeply and remember that we can't be too hard on ourselves, that parenting these little ones can be a roller coaster of tough times and joyous times all within a matter of minutes.

I don't need to be rescued (this isn't an option anyway), we'll get through it. Then it's on to better days, hours, and minutes. We may even get one or two in today.

I have hope.

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  1. This was nice. You have a way with words. Thanks for sharing.