06 November 2013


I started this so long ago. And my eyes failing have turned it into a long on-going project. It's a sign of age that I choose to deny. But recently I got some readers and was able to complete this little cross stitch of my girlies for their new bedroom. After I finished, I looked for a cute frame and had to stop myself from spending $32 on "the perfect" frame. Instead I found a little $2 white frame that I painted gold. I feel pretty good about the saved $30!

Martha Steward Metallic Paint in Golden Pearl #349 276
Sponge Brush
Wax Paper

1. Spread out a sheet of wax paper to keep your painting surface clean.
2. Paint a thin layer of of metallic paint on the frame. Let dry. This is going to look not-so-great on the first coat, but that's ok, the end result will be fantastic.
3. Repeat coats of paint until you get the desired look on your frame. Mine started white and needed about four coats of paint. I liked that it wasn't perfect looking and just had a hint of shimmer.

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