25 March 2013


Our front door has no shelter. It's a faulty design on our previous owner's part. I think he was still in California in his mind when he designed the front entrance to this house. As a result whatever wreath we put on our door needs to withstand the elements. For Easter, that remains to be true as it is snowing outside right now and it's nearly April. My girlfriend, Tia had a great solution at our last DIY night. She suggested using Target's Christmas garlands. I happen to have two strands and have never loved them at Christmas time. So I'll try them out for Easter.

Green Styrofoam Wreath
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
2 Garlands
Plastic Pearl Eggs

1. Start at the seam of the wreath with a two inch glob of hot glue and secure one end of a garland to the wreath.
2. Wrap the wreath with that garland until it's at it's end. Hopefully you're at the half point of the wreath too. Glue the end of the garland to the wreath.
3. Start again with the second garland where you left off. Glue to fasten and wrap it until at the top and glue again.
4. Hot glue the pearl eggs to the wreath.

You can really use any garland and any decorative objects. These are the items I had and could find easily at Michael's. The whole project took all of 5 minutes. I'm really not kidding. Thank you Hot Glue Gun, I love you.


  1. P.S. This was a bit of a failure. I had this on our front door and the cold, wet weather made the eggs bubble a bit. So I snipped off the eggs. Next year I'll replace them with straight up plastic. Not as cute, but our front door is not very forgiving. Neither is our Easter-time weather. Oh well, Back to it on this one ;)

  2. UPDATE : I actually did this over just like this because my girls really like the pearly eggs. It is great for indoors and I needed more Easter decorations for their room. Done!