21 July 2012


Cute little mushroom bitties. I've been wanting to makes some mushrooms for a while. I'm not very good at sculpting but I had seen several that I liked and wanted to mimic for my daughter's forest room as well as my nieces garden room (Influence here, here and here).

I purchased some Pluffy by Sculpey. It's extremely soft clay that doesn't dry out. You sculpt and bake at a low temperature. It's great for kids so this easily turned into a crafternoon with my daughter.

I started with a small ball, then rolled it to a soft point on one end. Then I gave it a nub at the top and a fat stem. I tried creating a mushroom as two pieces (a stem, and a nub), but after some trial and error, I liked this way better. I used a paperclip end to create the under nub lines first and then I put some into the top of the stem. Then I played with it a bit and give the nub some shape. Last, I manipulated the stem to be either something that can stand on it's own, slim, or I put a straight pin in it. The pin helps it stay in place if it's not able to stand on it's own. It can stick into a shelf or something. Below are several experiments. Not perfect by any means, but cute enough to display as is, paint or use in a terrarium.

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