07 April 2012


I think I'll use this garland for an upcoming birthday decoration as well. The colors work for multiple occasions.

Ever since I saw 36" balloons with tassels on Geronimo, I have been putting tassels on everything possible. I like them at the end of felt ball garlands. I also like to mix felt balls with pom poms. If you have the patience and don't mind destroying your skin a little to make felt balls, knock yourself out. Here's a tutorial. I bought a ton of wool roving and started to make them and quickly found that the job sucks. I don't have the patience for it and my skin can't take the soapwater soak for 10 minutes per ball. So I buy the balls on etsy now. Pom poms are easy enough to make and you can buy a little tool here. My friend, Nicole makes darling wreaths and offers a tutorial on her site. I string them all together, space them and put a dab of hot glue on each side of the felt balls to hold them in place. Then I make the tassels with a variety of ribbons, slit fabrics, lace, and yarn, all about 14" in length. Fold the bunch in half over the garlands end piece and wrap thread around the folded end to secure it. Then tie a knot around the tassel on each end with the garlands end piece. It takes about an hour or so to make. It's easy and I love how delicate it looks. Happy Easter.

Materials Needed:
Scissors. Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks. Felting Needle (or Large Needle). Clover Pom Pom Maker. Felt Balls. Yarn for Pom Poms. Tatting Thread. Strips of Lace, Ribbon, and Material in a variety of colors.

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